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Four years ago I worked to earn your trust. Now I am working to serve you. While on the Pittsford Town Board I have acted to:

  • Advance Good Government

  • Ensure Fiscal Responsibility

  • Expand Environmental Sustainability

  • Build a Stronger Community for All

At Town Board meetings, visiting with residents, networking with business owners -- I am always listening.


Your questions challenge my own thinking and help me see issues from new perspectives. Your ideas open up new opportunities. Your expertise expands the knowledge and strategies I bring to the table. It is an honor to work with Pittsford residents, business owners, staff, and colleagues in government.


I am committed to four more years of serving our town, together. 


Working Together
Working For Us
Good Government

Town government is a steward of residents' resources. We must be responsive and accountable. This requires transparency, community engagement, and collaboration. Politics stops at the Board room door and good government meets the needs of all residents.

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Environmental Sustainability

Pittsford can take action right now to address the crisis of climate change. We do not need to wait for the state or federal government. Over the past few years Pittsford has taken important steps toward environmental sustainability. There is much more we can and should do.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Good government uses taxpayer resources effectively and efficiently to promote the common good. Fiscal responsibility requires planning long-term to keep the tax burden as low as possible while delivering services that meet the community's needs. It is also about ensuring residents' state and federal tax dollars come back to Pittsford.

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Community for All

Pittsford is more than simply a place to reside. It is a community where people live, work, study, and play. Our community is stronger when we meet the shared and unique needs of our residents. Our diverse experiences, perspectives, and talents make us better.

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About Stephanie

I am proud to call Pittsford home. Having grown up across the country and around the world, my grandparents' farm and small midwestern town was the place I could always return to. Pittsford's farmlands and deep history bring me that same sense of home. Pittsford has afforded my family many opportunities. As parents, my spouse and I have been supported by a community that values education, integrity, and service to others. As a Councilmember on the Town Board I work to advance those same values in local government.

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