WXXI Connections Why Primaries are Important (May 26, 2021)

My conversation on WXXI Connections about why primaries are important but so few people vote in them (https://www.wxxinews.org/.../connections-why-do-so-few...).


There are Democratic and Working Families Party primaries in Monroe County on Tuesday, June 22nd. (The only Republican and Conservative primaries are in the Towns of Rush and Hamlin.)

For Pittsford, that means voting for who will be on the ballot in November for the County Court Justice race. There are 3 open seats and 4 Democrats vying to be on the ballot.


If you are a registered Democrat or WFP member:

1. Educate yourself about the candidates

2. Check where your primary polling place is (it may be in a different location than your normal November polling place)

3. Make a plan to vote absentee, early, or on June 22nd between 6am - 9pm

Endorsement from Vote Mama (April 30, 2021)

I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Vote Mama. Women, especially mothers, see issues from a unique perspective. From childcare to healthcare, economic development to education, sustainability to sidewalks -- we need moms at the table, shaping the policies that strengthen our communities.

Running for office as a mom has unique challenges. This week, mine include balancing work, elected service and campaigning with caring for a sick child, juggling COVID vaccination appointments, a college information night, and trying to figure out when I'm going to get the spring clean-up done in my yard! It makes a difference having people who support moms like me.

Running for office is what moms do.

"Stephanie has been all over the world, but she’ll always call Pittsford home. For the past 4 years she has been serving the town, and will continue to do so with a commitment to good government, environmental sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and fostering a strong community" ~Vote Mama

WXXI Connections New York's Cannabis Law and Options (April 26, 2021)

Check out my conversation on WXXI Connections about New York's new cannabis law and options available to municipalities.

As with all legislative decisions the Town Board makes, you can count on me to research the legal and health aspects of the law, consider the strategic and long-term impacts on Pittsford, and listen to you.

Have questions? Ask and get answers.

Connections: What discretion will municipalities have over recreational marijuana rules?


Channel 8 Renewable Energy for Residents (April 22, 2021)

Pittsford continues to make strides in converting to 100% renewable energy. Two years ago we designated the electricity supply for Pittsford Community Library, Spiegel Community Center, and all municipal buildings to be 100% renewable. We are getting closer to making the default for all Pittsford residences and small businesses be 100% renewable, too.

My conversation with Channel 8 about our work.


Endorsement from Working Families Party (March 2, 2021)

Thank you to the Working Families Party for endorsing my candidacy for re-election to the Pittsford Town Board. Together we can ensure that local government works for all. 

Democratic Slate for Town (January 24, 2021)

Last night, members of the Pittsford Democratic Committee held a second round of balloting and designated the full slate of candidates for Town offices. The slate is: myself and Pearl Brunt for Town Board, Kendra Evans for Town Supervisor, and Scott Green for Town Justice. There were multiple candidates for almost every position. That shows the growing strength and energy of our local Democratic party. I look forward to working with our team of candidates, drawing on each person's strengths, and listening to residents' ideas for our community.


The candidates for county legislature cut across town lines, so their designations will be affirmed by the Monroe County Democratic Committee later this month.


Designation is only the first step of getting on the ballot. The second step is to obtain signatures from registered Democrats on a petition. That process is coordinated by the Pittsford Democratic Committee. Look for information from them soon.

Designation for Ballot (January 10, 2021)

On Saturday evening, members of the Pittsford Democratic Committee voted to designate candidates to run in 2021. I am honored to again earn the confidence of the committee and be designated as a candidate for Town Board.

The full slate of candidates is not yet determined because a second round of balloting is required for some of the offices in order to meet the requirement of earning at least 50%+1 of the votes. I look forward to congratulating and, more importantly, working with the other candidates when they are decided.

Thank you to all who supported my designation.

Councilmember Stephanie Townsend Running For Re-election In Pittsford (January 2, 2021)

Town of Pittsford Councilmember Stephanie Townsend is seeking designation from the Pittsford Democratic Committee to run for re-election. "Over the past three years it has been my honor to advance good government, ensure fiscal responsibility, expand environmental sustainability, and work to build a stronger community for all," says Councilmember Townsend. She notes that "My accomplishments over the past three years have not been an individual achievement. They have been a community achievement."


Initiatives Councilmember Townsend has played a pivotal role on during her first three years in office include: enacting Community Choice Aggregation and Community Solar, reducing pesticide use on Town property, introducing amendments to the Comprehensive Plan for traffic safety and aging in place, working on a demolition code to protect property owners and retain smaller and more affordable houses, increased funding for Pittsford Youth Services, and co-chairing Pittsford's 19th Amendment Centennial Celebration.


Councilmember Townsend's goals for the next four years include effectively implementing the recently approved Active Transportation Plan, earning designation as a Climate Smart Community, revising zoning codes, creating an equity review process, and expanding historic and greenspace preservation.


There are two Councilmember seats open in 2021 and four candidates have stepped forward to seek designation from the committee. Designation will be determined by the 113 members of the Pittsford Democratic Committee in a vote on January 9.