Working For Us


Stephanie actively supports Pittsford's family farms as not only an important part of our town's history, but as 21st century businesses. She has actively sought ideas from local farmers, the Monroe County Farm Bureau, the Monroe County Economic Development office, and colleagues in government in the towns of Perinton and Henrietta. Stephanie voted to approve rental of Town land to local farmers for continued agricultural use.

Stephanie will continue to raise awareness of Pittsford farms, promote our local farm markets and farm stands, and support right-to-farm policies. During the upcoming code revisions she will seek input from our local farm owners about the impact of land use and building codes on their operations.

Community Connections

Stephanie has consistently engaged with Pittsford residents through frequent communications, a monthly constituent newsletter, active social media feeds, door-to-door conversations, and at gatherings of community volunteers, neighborhood associations, and civic groups. Stephanie advocated for public comments before Board votes are taken, easier access to documents for Town Board meetings, livestreaming Town Board meetings, an overhaul of the Town website, and online access to information about planning and zoning applications.

Over the next four years Stephanie will expand her outreach to residents, promote public workshops to shape zoning code revisions, and increase use of the volunteer Environmental Board to advise the Town Board. She will also support further investment in the Pittsford Senior Center, Recreation Center, Community Library, Pittsford Youth Services, and the Elderberry Express.  

Environmental Sustainability

Stephanie's votes and advocacy have supported 100% renewable energy contracts for municipal buildings, solar panels on the Kings Bend lodges, electric vehicle charging stations, low energy streetlights, an energy audit of municipal buildings, and the launch of Community Solar and Community Choice Aggregation programs. She also hosted an Earth Day celebration in 2019 and helped coordinate the Town-Village-Frog House celebration that was scheduled for 2020 pre-pandemic.

In the next four years Stephanie will advocate for moving Pittsford toward designation as a Climate Smart Community, implementing of the Active Transportation Plan, further reducing of pesticides on Town property, increasing planting of native and bird/pollinator-friendly species, using cluster development and landscape buffers to protect scenic views and natural resources, and implementing green infrastructure standards.


Stephanie values an inclusive community where all residents, students and visitors are respected, their experiences valued, and their rights upheld. During her first term in office, Stephanie has advocated for ASL interpretation at all Town Board meetings and a Town website that is accessible for people with disabilities, supported Pittsford's designation as an autism-friendly community, voted for property tax credits for veterans, requested twice-a-year reports on recruitment and hiring, and called for a review of procurement policies to ensure the Town is making full use of provisions for Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises.

Stephanie has proposed a commission to study options for advising the Town Board on equity related matters. She supports role-relevant professional development related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Stephanie will continue to advocate for more public transit in Pittsford, especially for people with disabilities.

Historic Preservation

Stephanie values Pittsford's history and how it can guide us today. During the two years she served as the liaison to the Design Review and Historic Preservation Board, she actively supported outreach to property owners of historic properties and increased visibility of the Stone Road Historic District. In 2020, Stephanie co-chaired the very popular 19th Amendment Centennial celebration.

Over the next four years, Stephanie will strengthen historic preservation by supporting Pittsford's application for Certified Local Government status, expansion of historic districts, and development of a Historic Preservation Plan.


Stephanie has voted to approve new senior apartments and consulted with housing and development experts about ways to diversify the types and affordability of Pittsford's housing stock. In the coming year the Town will vote on a demolition code Stephanie advocated for and helped craft. The code will protect property owners, preserve neighborhood character, and retain the smaller and more affordable houses in Pittsford.

As the Town revises its zoning codes to align with the Comprehensive Plan, Stephanie will advocate to amend Incentive Zoning and Planned Unit Developments, create zones that include both business and residential developments, expand apartments and multi-family housing, allow bungalow/cottage courts and townhomes, and allow accessory dwelling units.

Intergovernmental Affairs

Stephanie has advocated with county and state government on policies that impact Pittsford residents. She has been a vocal and persistent advocate for road safety including the redesign of East Avenue (NYS 31F), traffic speeds on Clover Street (NYS 66) and Stone Road (County 37), pedestrian safety on Mendon Road (NYS 64), and an intermunicipal agreement with Brighton to provide a crossing guard at Allen Creek Elementary.

Stephanie has also advocated for state-level policies. This advocacy has included issues such as adoption of early voting, implementation of electronic pollbooks, automatic voter registration, full funding of Foundation Aid for NY schools, clean water, replacement of lead service pipes, and adoptees' access to their birth certificates.

Stephanie meets regularly with elected officials from other municipalities, county, state, and federal government. She will continue to foster bipartisan relationships and be a voice for Pittsford residents with their elected officials at all levels of government.